Believe your belief.

What makes this world change? It is believing yourself!
When we try new things, we often face difficulties.
We may almost feel like giving up if we cannot see the good result.
Sometimes we may feel lost: are we on the right path or not?

However some people do not lose themselves.
Because they have big spirit and courage.
They can reach their goal even if they fall down at times.
Adflex believes in these who believe in themselves.

They stick to their beliefs and move forward.
And search for new adventure.
Believe in yourself, then you can change the world.

Strong Points

We think AI is no more than just a marketing tool.
Our consultants will carefully plan business strategies and fine-tune advertising by interacting as members of your project.

adflex 3C

  • Cutting Edge

    We will promptly provide cutting-edge AI products with an abundance of proven results overseas.
    With innovative AI as a weapon, we will be a true partner in your business expansion.

  • Coverage

    There are a wide range of areas that digital strategies should cover, such as marketing, business strategies, and carrying out operations. We will respond flexibly to different issues for customers and help them to resolve their issues.

  • Career

    Our professional consultants, who have various backgrounds such as advertising, consulting firms, finance, real estate and IT industry, will support your business.

First place in the three research categories in Digital Marketing・AI

  • Marketer’s choice of AI tools
  • Easy-to-introduce AI tools
  • A strong company of AI

Adflex Communications Co., Ltd. got first place in the three research categories which are ‘Marketer’s choice of AI tools’,’ Easy-to-introduce AI tools’, ‘A strong company of AI’ in a brand image survey in February 2019 conducted by the Japan Marketing Research Organization for companies dealing with AI tools.

■Selective conditions
As of February 9th, 9am, 2019
Top nine companies on Google except for advertising portals when searching for “AI Tools”.

■Survey summary
Planning of Survey:Japan Marketing Research Organization.
Survey Overview:survey for a brand image of companies that are dealing with AI tools in February 2019.


Company name adflex communications, Inc.
Headquarters Shiodome Building 21F,
1-2-20 Kaigan,Minato-ku,Tokyo 105-0022
Fukuoka branch JRJP Hakata building 3F,
8-1Hakata Station Central Street, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka, Fukuoka 812-0012
Representative Haruhiko Kuwahata, President
Yuto Takahashi,Member of the Board
Akio Maruta, Member of the Board
Masato Tanada, Member of the Board
Sadatomo Yanase, Company Auditor
Kohei Ymaguchi, Excutive DIrector
Establishment March 25, 2008
Capital 25,000,000 yen
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