【First Landing in Japan】adflex Starts Providing Service of “AdScale” (Search Ads Optimization Platform)

adflex communications, Inc (HQ: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Haruhiko Kuwahata, Short Name: “adflex”) has started providing service of “AdScale”, an automated listing ads optimization platform that was developed by AdScale B.V. (HQ: Eindhoven, the Netherlands, CEO: Diederik Klaassen).


SOPHOLA Inc. is headquartered in the city of Nagano in Nagano prefecture. (Short Name: “SOPHOLA”). The CEO, Masaki Iino, who is also our technology fellow, has a strategic business alliance with AdScale B.V. which allows them to offer sales, service and support of AdScale in Japan. adflex communications, as a service development partner of SOPHOLA, exclusively provides marketing operations using AdScale in Japan.


“AdScale” dramatically improves campaign performance of listing ads by using its automated features; the world’s only actionable recommendations and the budget and bid management calculated by the originally developed algorithm.

AdScale is already being used by several thousand companies overseas and their acquisition efficiencies were improved by 20-40%, approximately four weeks after they started using Adscale, compared to before.


adflex will prepare a diagnostic report on how you can improve your campaigns under your account before introducing AdScale. We will propose an improvement plan with specific numbers to show how much ad performance could be improved with the same budget.

PDCA Model Using AI Tool of “AdScale” Provided and Operated by adflex


Listing advertising which is recently used by many companies has a problem of not yielding expected outcomes though requiring a large amount of human resources. This is due to the complexity of the account structure, the bidding system, the various configurations, and the extreme difficulty to 

optimize the setting of keywords and negative keywords.


Continuous operation of an advertisement system is too difficult and time-consuming for advertisers to do by themselves, let alone for large-scaled campaigns. Alternatively, hiring an agency just to handle your advertising is not cost-effective. These problems can be resolved by “AdScale”.


adflex will further enhance our support for customers to manage their future tasks by providing continuous services with a positive attitude, while expanding our assistance in direct marketing.


adflex will remain committed to expanding services in the direct marketing field and making more efforts to improve the services for customers.

About SOPHOLA, Inc.

SOPHOLA, Inc. was founded in April and opened for business in May 2018 to create initiatives to solve social issues in Japan. They were one of the first private companies to challenge these problems and tasks for Japanese society, which are not yet serious in big cities like Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka; 1) local depopulation, 2) aging craftsmen, and 3) dispatching information of Japan’s charm to the rest of the world.

As a start, they are developing initiatives in Nagano to solve the above three social issues, while their main business is the consulting and outsourcing services mostly utilizing cutting-edge global marketing technologies and the B2B e-commerce for overseas customers.

Company Name


Head Office Address

Nagano-shi, Nagano


Masaki Iino (CEO)

About adflex communications, Inc

Ever since being founded in March 2008, the main line of business has been supporting companies for their direct marketing through Internet advertising. Its strength lies in the ability to quickly carry out tasks in overall online advertising according to needs of customers. These tasks are; formulating a marketing plan, creating website contents, selecting media outlets, buying and placing ads, and evaluating and improving effects of ads. In February 2015, adflex formed a business partnership with ADK Holdings Inc. and started a joint business. It was made into a subsidiary of Tri-Stage Inc. in March 2017, and since then it has been expanding B2B e-commerce business by providing services interlinked the web and the existing media and by increasing revenue of customer companies with its original knowledge of web advertising.

Company Name

adflex communications, Inc

Head Office Address

3F, KDX Hamamatsucho Center Building

1-22-5, Hamamatsu-cho, Minato-ku, Tokyo


Haruhiko Kuwahata (CEO)


Mar. 25, 2008


25,000,000 yen



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