• Now launched in Japan! Changing user experiences! AI personalization platform「Dynamic Yield」

Now launched in Japan! Changing user experiences!
AI personalization platform「Dynamic Yield」

 “Personalization” is in the spotlight from marketers


Instead of providing the same services and contents to all users, personalization is now in the spotlight due to providing the best user experience based on each user’s segment, purchases, and past behavior.

One of the features of personalization is the ability to recommend relevant products from the purchase histories that are common in e-commerce sites. Personalization allows the choosing and providing of products that users are looking for (based on their interests and priorities), and this can enhance customer loyalty.

What is customer satisfaction?

「I was just about to buy it」


「This recommended product might be good!」


「If it’s on sale now, I might buy it」


「It’s the same advertisement again! I’m not interested…」


「A product, that I’m not interested in, is recommended to me many times…


On the one hand, users feel differently toward recommended products.

Customers who have already purchased products on their PC may end up disliking a brand image if they see the same product ads on their mobile. On the other hand, a mobile app may lead to a product, then people may receive sales information for similar products through e-mail, and this can lead to customer purchases.

Traditional personalization tools were designed to cover only 70% of users and were not fully aligned with all channels and media. In other words, 30% of users have an unsatisfactory customer experience.

「Dynamic Yield」Personalization with custom made touch

Dynamic Yield enables the provision of consistent personalization for all channels such as a website, mobiles, apps, e-mail, and advertising.
For example, a personalized banner may be placed not only based on user’s preferences and behavior, but also based on their local weather. Some deals may displayed only for first-time visitors. This means that AI has optimizes in real-time and personalizes individually.

 Also, synchronize data across all channels, so this can provide a dynamic experience for users.



Personalized website image

The biggest features are「Targeting」and「Algorithm」

There are the two biggest features in Dynamic Yield.

1.Predictive Targeting

‘Predictive Targeting’ is to predict the user based on massive amounts of data and personalize based on highly accurate targeting feature.

Generally one does not know the age or gender for anonymous users, however with predictive targeting, this feature predicts the user identity segment based on the preference and behavioral data. Therefore, the performance will improve even with the same recommendation.
For instance, on the product details page, there are recommendations that “related items” and “the person who bought this product also buys product B”. Traditional targeting optimizations have contributed to 34.4% increase in sales compared to without using the recommendations. Even though this is a significant improvement, the use of predictive targeting resulted in a 51.1% increase in sales.

2.Optimizing the combine multiple AI algorithm logics

You can change the algorithm settings as desired for any combinations, such as “popularity”, “similarity”, and “recent browsing history” of the product detail page. Also, algorithm logic has been implemented and this allowed the AI to optimize the combinations for marketing methods and content.



Product Recommendations

Serving 300+ global leading brands and improving their ROI with Dynamic Yield

With AI technology and expertise with experience, Dynamic Yield has assisted more than 300 global companies worldwide to improve their business performances. Also, not only top global e-commerce  companies, but also across industry organizations trust and select Dynamic Yield.

Dynamic Yield has a trusted and track record of world-class technology because of their accumulated expertise for specialized data obtained from various systems, definite knowledge and recognition while developing a system, conducting more than 100 new personalization tests per month etc.



Customer Testimonials

adflex have concluded a contract with Dynamic Yield

We have concluded a contract with Dynamic Yield with its AI platform service to provide the best and fast service for our clients.

Through this partnership, we will strive to provide not only support advertising effectively but also add new value in a wide range of digital marketing for clients.



Dynamic Yield is an AI-driven Personalization platform that delivers individualized experiences at every user touchpoint.

When increasing the access, data accumulates and then deepens the machine learning. This allows more effective optimization.


Why don’t you try「Dynamic Yield」,the personalization platform that has been trusted by a wide range of industries and is attracting the most attention?

Please feel free to contact us for more detailed examples of Dynamic Yield or for other inquiry you may have.

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