Pattern89 partnered with adflex communications as their Japanese exclusive partner for Facebook/Instagram ad optimization with their AI solution.

adflex Pattern89
adflex Pattern89

adflex communications, which supports companies mainly in the marketing field, (HQ: Tokyo, Japan, CEO:Haruhiko Kuwahata, referred to as adflex) has partnered with Pattern89, (HQ: Indianapolis ,United States, CEO: R. J. Talyor) an AI marketing platform that uses data science to optimize ads.

Pattern89 is an AI platform for Facebook and Instagram ads. It supports all major global currencies. Over one thousand companies have connected their ad accounts to Pattern89, including various companies from finance, food & beverage and apparel industries.

Facebook ads have attractive potential for advertisers, since they specifically target customers by utilizing their Facebook data. Pattern89’s ad optimization capabilities make it possible to optimize ads for Instagram, the app having the largest number of users in the world.


Huge amounts of time, man hours and operating budgets can be big issues for teams. Creative analysis can be an issue too. Pattern89 solves these problems by analyzing advertiser data and making creative predictions 24/7, so marketing managers can make the best decisions for their campaigns, targeting, and creative.

We’re excited to partner with an agency that prioritizes offering the best technologies to their customers,” said R. J. Talyor, founder and CEO of Pattern89. “This partnership with adflex ensures their customers are running the perfect ads to the perfect audiences every single day.”


adflex would strengthen the expertise in AI and machine learning in digital media. adflex will continue to provide value to customers by expanding optimal AI solution services, including Pattern89, in order to solve problems in the marketing field.

About Pattern89

Pattern89 provides powerful artificial intelligence-driven marketing technology to help brands discover the ad elements that drive the most impactful digital ad performance. By identifying successful patterns in companies’ ad data on Facebook, Instagram and Google ads and analyzing the results to hone future campaigns, Pattern89 keeps brands’ digital advertising up-to-date and maximized for performance.

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