Privacy Policy

“For your success”,
which is our corporate identity to contribute to the customer’s business,
we provide customers with advertisement and digital solution services.
To conduct business, adflex communications recognizes
the importance of protecting personal information
and believe that protecting personal information is a social obligation.
adflex communications conducts the following to fulfill this mission.

■ Acquisition, purpose of use and provision of private information

adflex communications will acquire, use and provide private information that is used in all its business and is of its employees in a fair manner and will not use the private information beyond the scope necessary for achieving the purpose of use. adflex communications will get the consent in advance from the person whose private information will be used beyond the scope of the purpose of use.

■ Laws, rules and guidelines for private information

adflex communications complies with laws, rules and guidelines made by the country regarding private information.

■ Safety management of personal information

adflex communications will protect private information rationally from unauthorized access, leak, loss, destruction, and falsification and will take necessary corrective actions.

■ Complaints and consultation regarding private information

adflex communications will deal with complaint or consultation of private information immediately.

■ Protecting private information (personal information protection management)

To appropriately protect private information, adflex communications will check the system continuously and will improve it when necessary.

■ Inquiry contact regarding privacy policy

TEL: 03-6823-6780
FAX: 03-5776-2648

■ Management of private information

1.adflex communications uses the provided private information in the following purposes.
(1)Customers’ private information
To propose or provide our services. Investigation and analysis for developing better products and services including introduction of contact details of our products and services as well as seminar information
(2)Private information entrusted from customers
To plan, make or sell our advertisement. For sending prizes
(3)Our partners’ private information
To communicate, cooperate, negotiate, implement agreements, and call of duty
(4)Applicants’ private information
To inform details of employ screening, test date, and screening results
(5)Employees’ private information
To manage employment
2.Contact the following department if you would like to inform the purpose of use, disclose, correct, add, delete the content, suspension, completely delete, or stop to provide to the third party, and file complaints.

■ Contact information regarding private information

adflex communications, Inc.
Person in charge: Tomohiro Tanabe
TEL: 03-6823-6780

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