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An introduction to Adflex Communications is as follows.

Gender Ratio

The ratio between men and women is 60:40. For younger employees, the ratio is about 50:50 making a vibrant atmosphere.

The average age

The average age of employees 32 years old, and that means they are full of energy. We have our in-house system that these young employees can be active in and this allows them to be motivated.

Humanities or Science

The ratio between humanities and science university graduates in the company is 50:50. They are working in a field that they are good at such as data analysis, writing skills and presentation skills.


At adflex communications, you can work flexibly according to various stages of life.

In-house system according to various work-life balance

  • Staggered working hours

    Staggered commuting system.
    Busy morning time can be effectively used even for private!

  • Reduced work time for childcare and nursing

    Without cutting salary, you can reduce working hours to 6hrs while you do child care or nursing.

  • Annual leave that you can take in units of hours

    Any time that annual leaves is taken, you can take from a minimum of one hour up to a maximum of forty hours.

  • No overtime on certain work days

    No overtime work is allowed on Wednesdays.

Other vacations and support system

Special leave for maternity and childcare, bereavement, feminine leave (menstrual leave), nursing and hospital attending leave, and citizen judge leave.

  • Special Leave

    10 days maximum

    When a person joins the company, he/she is given 10 days’ special leave. (This can be taken in units of hours up to a maximum of forty hours).

  • Wedding leave

    up to 5 consecutive days

    When an employee gets married.

  • Vacation for family

    once a year

    A day off for your family or someone close to you for a special occasion.

  • Leave for spouse’s maternity
    2 days maximum

    Only given within 14 days from a baby’s birth.

Evaluation system

  • Personnel Evaluation

    An employee will have an interview once a month with their supervisor, who will evaluate not only work performance, but also attitude and motivation. The interview will be based on prepared questions and will later be evaluated by a committee who will maintain transparency of the interview process.

  • Evaluation of a Goal of the Year

    We will evaluate those who achieve their goal of the year.

Other systems and benefits

  • Rent Subsidy

    If an employee is living within a 5 kilometers radius from the company (or the nearest designated station to the company), the employee will receive a rental subsidy (of up to 50,000 yen per month)for a period not exceeding four years.

  • Various insurance systems

    Social insurance, welfare pension and employment insurance.

    Insured employees and their dependents can use the recreation centers either directly owned or rented by Tokyo Joho Sangyo Health Insurance association (TJK) or a contracted fitness center at a discounted price.

  • Long-service commendation

    Incentive and special leave are given according to the length of service.

  • Condolence allowance

    This will be paid according to company rules.

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