Following are adflex communications’ attractive in-house system

Office environment

For all of our staff to be able to work vividly and be themselves, we provide an environment to work when they work and take a rest when they do so.

Thank-you card project
Thank-you card is sent from a member to other member to express gratitude. The one who received the thank you card the most in a month can get a balloon and a small gift from the company.
Monthly Meeting and a Light Meal
A light meal is served after the monthly meeting. Employees exchange their compliments to each other for the hard work.
Cheers Time
Drinking beer is allowed after 8pm every Friday! You can refresh yourself and relieve the week’s stress without leaving the office.
Morning Service
For motivating employees on Monday morning for the coming week, tasty bread is served for free. (This service also supports NPO Minato Handicapped Persons Organization)

In-house System

adflex communications evaluates not only the result of work but also one’s ability to challenge himself/herself with an explicit goal, one’s motivation and everyday attitude.

Personnel Evaluation
Employees are evaluated fairly while transparency is maintained. We have a system to evaluate not only work performance, but also daily attitude and motivation. Each employee has an interview with their supervisor once a month by answering prepared questions.
Our evaluation committee will look through the result of this and make adjustments to conduct the evaluation properly.
Evaluation of a Goal of the Year
We evaluate those who achieved their goal of the year.

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