Information security policy

adflex communications, Inc.
Haruhiko Kuwahata, President
Established in April, 2012

Under the corporate identity of “for your success”,
adflex communications provides service of communication solutions.
We have the private information of our customers,
which we’ve gained through providing our services,
and accumulated information assets.
We understand that protecting them from various threats such as illegal access, crimes, accidental loss,
and disasters is our great responsibility to society
and we’ll faithfully try to fulfill this by setting
and following the information security policy below.

■ Building information security management system

adflex communications recognizes the importance of information security and appropriately manage and keep improving the information asset.

■ Compliance to laws and regulations

adflex communications complies with laws, regulations and other rules regarding information security and deal with establishment and acquisition of information complied with these laws.

■ Protecting information asset

adflex communications tries to protect information asset by appropriately acquiring the secrecy, integrity, and availability.

■ Education and training

adflex communications educates and trains our board members and employees for the appropriate use of information security continuously.

■ Accident prevention and measures to be taken when an accident happens

adflex communications tries to prevent accident regarding information security from happening. In addition, we will take appropriate measures when it happens as well as prevent it from recurrence.

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