By using AI in an effective manner,
we will assure customer’s advertising operations to generate overwhelming effects and support their business expansion.


 Our consultant, who leads a group of specialists, 
 will be your partner. 

No matter how far AI has progressed or how many brilliant specialists are gathered, a business will not succeed unless these are used effectively. What makes us different is we assign a consultant, who can manage a project while seeing the whole picture, to be a contact for you. Our consultant will support you to fundamentally overcome your marketing challenges so as to expand your business.


Our consultant will assign specialists such as an account planner, a trading desk, and a creative director, according to your marketing status.

We will introduce an appropriate AI platform and carry out a digital marketing plan using this platform.

Digital marketing adopting a full-funnel approach is what we are best at. However, we can also support you with your minimum requirements by making a plan that fits a current situation you have.

Formulation of a Business Plan

Shares KGI with a business owner and determines what the driver for business growth is

  • Sorting out tasks
  • KPI
  • Research
  • Drawing up a budget
Communication Planning

Creates a road map and selects the optimal medium and means based on a target analysis

  • Road map
  • Target analysis
  • Media planning
PDCA Management

Carries out a plan for you while linking up with cutting-edge AI partners.
Controls a budget/achievement by checking it constantly with KPI and adjusts the plan accordingly.

  • Creative direction
  • Tool operation
  • Budget/Achievement control
  • Reporting

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