By using AI in an effective manner,
we will assure customer’s advertising operations to generate overwhelming effects and support their business expansion.


 Our consultant, who leads a group of specialists, 
 will be your partner. 

No matter how far AI has progressed or how many brilliant specialists are gathered, a business will not succeed unless these are used effectively. What makes us different is we assign a consultant, who can manage a project while seeing the whole picture, to be a contact for you. Our consultant will support you to fundamentally overcome your marketing challenges so as to expand your business.


Our consultant will assign specialists such as an account planner, a trading desk, and a creative director, according to your marketing status.

We will introduce an appropriate AI platform and carry out a digital marketing plan using this platform.

Digital marketing adopting a full-funnel approach is what we are best at. However, we can also support you with your minimum requirements by making a plan that fits a current situation you have.

Formulation of a Business Plan

Shares KGI with a business owner and determines what the driver for business growth is

  • Sorting out tasks
  • KPI
  • Research
  • Drawing up a budget
Communication Planning

Creates a road map and selects the optimal medium and means based on a target analysis

  • Road map
  • Target analysis
  • Media planning
PDCA Management

Carries out a plan for you while linking up with cutting-edge AI partners.
Controls a budget/achievement by checking it constantly with KPI and adjusts the plan accordingly.

  • Creative direction
  • Tool operation
  • Budget/Achievement control
  • Reporting

Case STUDY  
 ─ Marketing AI

 We will improve your business efficiency 
 by using state-of-the-art AI platforms properly. 

The strong area of adflex communications is introducing the most advanced AI platforms to customer’s advertising. We believe the most important point is to solve their problems, in other words, to remove real obstacles, which they could not nail down by themselves, hampering their goal to enlarge their business. Examples of our AI introduction are given below.

CASE 1Succeeded in approaching a new customer group by increasing the efficiency of listing ads

A Platform for Optimizing Search Ads

The advertiser has been using listing ads but is not sure whether the current account structure is proper.

CASE 2Succeeded in optimization of display advertising. Business plans using a full-funnel marketing approach were carried out.

An AI Platform for Automated Optimization of Display Advertising

The advertiser has been using display advertising but it is not cost-effective.

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