Social media policy

This guideline provides manners to follow
when adflex communications’ employees including contract and part-time,
entrusted personnel (hereinafter referred to as
“interested persons of adflex communications”)
use social media services such as a blog (“social media service”).

■ Guidelines for posting to social media services

adflex communications recommends our employees to positively use social media services.
However, they should follow the guidelines below when posting to social media services.

Carefully handle private information and company’s secret information

Disclosure of private information defined in the “Privacy Policy” including customers’ information and information entrusted from customers, and internal consumption, secret information and absolute secret information (information regarding the business deal or sales secret regarding the proposal method) defined in “Sales secret management procedure” is strictly prohibited regardless of reasons and situations.

Posts should be based on accurate information

When posting articles outside the adflex communications’ services, particularly state that your opinions or supports are not made as an employee of adflex communications.
Never post anything illegal or that includes mental abuse. The responsibilities to what you write about will be taken by you.

■ Guidelines for the use of account in the social media

You are expected to understand and comply with the following guidelines if you introduce yourself as a person related to adflex communications in your profile or information on your account.

Specifically state that the content is your own opinion.

It is recommended to always keep in mind that your post is not an official response of adflex communications, but rather your personal opinion. Please try not to create any misunderstanding towards your readers, when you create a post on social media service. Also, you should clearly let them know when the topic of your post is outside of your specialty.

Always try to transmit information with common sense and with appropriate manner.

How and what you do using social media is completely up to you; however, if you disclose yourself as a person related to adflex communications, think that what you transmit may create adflex communications’ brand or brand image.
In addition, give deep thoughts to the contents you will post as they will remain for a long time be accessed by a lot of people.


December 11, 2012
adflex communications, Inc.
These guidelines are subject to update when new technologies are invented.

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